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Services Directory Feature Request List

EPIC Services Page Feature Requests.

Notes from Feb 9th call

Mike Taylor, Todd Williams, Riyad, Todd Williams, Nathan

  • Suggestion to name tab something than "Services" - i.e., "Consult/Train"
    • Maybe have two tabs - 1 for Consulting, 1 for Training
    • Promote members on services just like we do with plugins
  • Link to/from the new membership pages when they go online
  • Technolgy Segemention is lower priority - let's see how many companies list first
  • Link the Category pages on with Services, just like plugins

High Priority

  • Prominant linkage to services from main EPIC Page.
  • Categorization by "services type" AND technology segments serviced
  • Services Types:
    • Training
    • Consulting
  • Fields in the listing
    • Title (short Description of Service)
    • URL
    • Contact URL
    • Long Descrption
    • Company Name and background
    • Location
    • Graphic/Logo
    • Member Company tag

Medium Priority

Low Priority

  • Currently the best implementation path is to have an entry for each service type offered. For example, 1 entry for training, 1 for consulting. Perhaps at some point these could be linked and a company offering multiple services could list both in the same entry.
  • Ability to classify and sort/find by geographic regions served
  • Technology Subgroup within the
    • RCP
    • IDE
    • Modeling
    • Embedded
    • GUI

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