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Sequoyah/Termination Review

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The Tools for Mobile Linux (TML) project was chartered in the spring of 2007 as a sub-project of DSDP. The purpose of the project was to create OEM-neutral development tools for supporting development of embedded Linux applications for Mobile devices. The Mobile Tools for Java (MTJ) project was also formed in DSDP, inheriting from the earlier EclipseME project.

When DSDP was dissolved, Sequoyah was formed to contain TML and MTJ. Sequoyah was placed in the Tools top-level project. Contributions to Sequoyah have primarily been from Motorola employees as committers, with external contributions from MontaVista, GSoC, and individuals.

Motorola will not be providing support for Sequoyah past September 2012. Attempts to generate interest on mailing lists (sequoyah-dev, sequoyah-android-dev, tools-pmc, cross-project) have not brought any replies, so the best action is to terminate the project.

Mobile Tools for Java (MTJ)

MTJ is a subproject of Sequoyah and will move.

None of the project resources need to change.

  • Git repositories are under /gitroot/mtj
  • Downloads: /home/data/httpd/
  • Hudson job
  • Bugszilla Product: MTJ

The only change is in the project identifier which changes from tools.sequoyah.mtj to tools.mtj.

This will affect the location of the project's summary page, metadata, and place in IPZilla.

MTJ's website is still in CVS. This needs to be moved to Git. We might as well do this as part of this review.

Goal(s) of the termination review

  1. Identify potential new leadership of the project.
  2. Identify a new home for the remnants of MTJ, most likely the Tools top-level project.
  3. Identify alternate locations for any Sequoyah source code that may be usable elsewhere
    1. The Eclipse Communication Framework suggested their interest in the VNC component  
    2. The Babel project may be interested in the work done in 2011 by GSoC student (Lucas Tiago Castro Jesus) on the localization files editor for Eclipse plugins
  4. Determine a time frame to archive source code and web materials

Termination Actions

  1. Archive directories
    • /gitroot/sequoyah/org.eclipse.sequoyah.git
    • /home/data/httpd/
    • /home/data/httpd/
    • /cvsroot/org.eclipse/www/sequoyah
  2. Retire Bugzilla Product
    • Mark open Bugzilla bugs marked “won't fix”
    • Move bugs from Sequoyah to z_archived
  3. Clean up IPZilla
    • There are no open CQs, nothing to do here.
  4. Retire committers
  5. Retire Hudson Jobs
    • Sequoyah has no Hudson jobs

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