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Selector UI

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End-User Perspective


Deployer Perspective


Developer Perspective



Components & Services



GTK, C++ projects

The projects are:

  • app/org.eclipse.higgins.selector.ui.gtk
  • app/org.eclipse.higgins.selector.ui.gtk.core

These projects can be checked out from the Eclipse repository at the following SVN URIs:

These projects can be built with MS Visual C++. You can check them out from the Eclipse repository using an SVN plugin like, or by using an external SVN tool such as

You also need the following software:

The projects are designed to be built with cmake, and in order to be able to import them into MS Visual C++, the necessary project files have to be created using the special scripts configure_vs.bat and setupvc.bat, which are included with the selector.ui.gtk project. You may need to edit these scripts and adjust local paths before you can run them.

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