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Selector Client-Side Architecture 1.1

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For Higgins 1.1 we are working to converge all client selectors on the architecture described here.

  • Higgins Browser Extension – interacts with the current webpage and requests/retrieves identity information from the selector via the Higgins Selector Switch.
  • Higgins Selector Switch – launches the user's chosen selector. The HSS Manager provides a UI to allow the user to set their default selector (e.g. CardSpace or one of the Higgins selectors, etc.). The HSS Launcher makes sure that the HSS service is running as a background process.
  • Selector – client code that manages identity information using the I-Card metaphor. A selector is used to manage the users's identity-related interactions (including authentication) with RPs. At the user’s option, the HSS can either launch one of the Higgins selectors or CardSpace™.


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