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Scout Updatesites


Repository URL Description Maven Version
Release http://download.eclipse.org/scout/releases Latest release and service releases for the latest release
Scout 7.0 http://download.eclipse.org/scout/releases/7.0/ Release and service releases for Scout 7.0 (Oxygen)
Scout 6.0 http://download.eclipse.org/scout/releases/6.0 Release and service releases for Scout 6.0 (Neon) 6.0.300.1
Scout 5.0 http://download.eclipse.org/scout/releases/5.0 Release and service releases for Scout 5.0 (Mars)
Scout 4.0 http://download.eclipse.org/scout/releases/4.0 Release and service releases for Scout 4.0 (Luna)
Scout 3.10 http://download.eclipse.org/scout/releases/3.10 Release and service releases for Scout 3.10
Scout 3.9 http://download.eclipse.org/scout/releases/3.9 Release and service releases for Scout 3.9 (Kepler)
Scout 3.8 http://download.eclipse.org/scout/releases/3.8 Release and service releases for Scout 3.8 (Juno)
Scout 3.7 http://download.eclipse.org/scout/releases/3.7 Release and service releases for Scout 3.7 (Indigo)


Milestone releases for the next versions:

Repository URL Description
Scout 7.1 http://download.eclipse.org/scout/releases/7.1/7.1.0/001_Photon_M2 Photon M2
Scout 7.0 http://download.eclipse.org/scout/releases/7.0/7.0.150/002_Oxygen_1a_RC2 Oxygen.1a RC2 (JDK 9 support)
Scout 7.0 http://download.eclipse.org/scout/releases/7.0/7.0.100/017_Oxygen_1 Oxygen.1 RC4
Scout 7.0 http://download.eclipse.org/scout/releases/7.0/7.0.100/016_RC3 Oxygen.1 RC3
Scout 7.0 http://download.eclipse.org/scout/releases/7.0/7.0.100/011_M1 Photon M1
Scout 7.0 http://download.eclipse.org/scout/releases/7.0/7.0.0/008_Oxygen Oxygen RC4
Scout 7.0 http://download.eclipse.org/scout/releases/7.0/7.0.0/007_RC3 Oxygen RC3
Scout 6.1 http://download.eclipse.org/scout/releases/6.1/6.1.0/B009 Intermediate release
Scout 6.1 http://download.eclipse.org/scout/releases/6.1/6.1.0/M6/ Oxygen M6
Scout 6.0 http://download.eclipse.org/scout/releases/6.0/6.0.300/1/ Neon Service Release 3
Scout 6.0 http://download.eclipse.org/scout/releases/6.0/6.0.300/0/ Neon Service Release 3
Scout 6.0 http://download.eclipse.org/scout/releases/6.0/6.0.300/6.0.300.RC2/ Neon Service Release 3, RC2

These milestone releases may be installed into the latest suitable Eclipse packages from Project Downloads: After installing the base Eclipse package use menu Help|Install New Software... and paste the Scout repository URL into Work with.


Nightly builds:

Repository URL Description
Nightly http://download.eclipse.org/scout/nightly Nightly build for Scout
Scout 7.1 http://download.eclipse.org/scout/nightly/7.1 Nightly build for Scout 7.1.x (Preview for Photon 8.0)
Scout 7.0 http://download.eclipse.org/scout/nightly/7.0 Nightly build for Scout 7.0.x
Scout 6.1 http://download.eclipse.org/scout/nightly/6.1 Nightly build for Scout 6.1.x (current: 6.1.0-SNAPSHOT)
Scout 6.0 http://download.eclipse.org/scout/nightly/6.0 Nightly build for Scout 6.0.x (current: 6.0.300-SNAPSHOT)
Scout 5.2 http://download.eclipse.org/scout/nightly/5.2 Nightly build for Scout 5.2.x (current: 5.2.0-SNAPSHOT)
Scout 5.0 http://download.eclipse.org/scout/nightly/5.0 Nightly build for Scout 5.0.x (current: 5.0.0-SNAPSHOT)
Scout 4.2 http://download.eclipse.org/scout/nightly/4.2 Nightly build for Scout 4.2.x (current: 4.2.0-SNAPSHOT)
Scout 4.1 http://download.eclipse.org/scout/nightly/4.1 Nightly build for Scout 4.1.x (current: 4.1.0-SNAPSHOT)
Scout 4.0 http://download.eclipse.org/scout/nightly/4.0 Nightly build for Scout 4.0.x (current: 4.0.200-SNAPSHOT)
Scout 3.10 http://download.eclipse.org/scout/nightly/3.10 Nightly build for Scout 3.10.x (current: 3.10.1-SNAPSHOT)
Scout 3.8 http://download.eclipse.org/scout/nightly/3.8 Nightly build for Scout 3.8.x (current: 3.8.3-SNAPSHOT)

Simultaneous Release Updatesites

Scout is included in the updatesites of the Simultaneous Release since Indigo.

Repository URL Description
Oxygen http://download.eclipse.org/releases/oxygen Contains Scout Version 7.0
Neon http://download.eclipse.org/releases/neon Contains Scout Version 6.0
Mars http://download.eclipse.org/releases/mars Contains Scout Version 5.0
Luna http://download.eclipse.org/releases/luna Contains Scout Version 4.0
Kepler http://download.eclipse.org/releases/kepler Contains Scout Version 3.9
Juno http://download.eclipse.org/releases/juno Contains Scout Version 3.8
Indigo http://download.eclipse.org/releases/indigo Contains Scout Version 3.7