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Scout/Tutorial/3.9/webservices/Create Company Table Page

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The Scout documentation has been moved to

Create Company Table Page

On the client node, go to Desktop > Outlines > StandardOutline > Child Pages. Right click on the node to create a new The Scout documentation has been moved to

Create Company Table Page

As page layout, choose AbstractPageWithTable to create a page representing tabular data.

Choose Page Layout

On the next step, enter Company as name for that page and choose to add this page to the StandardOutline

Give Page a name and link it with StandardOutline

By clicking Finish, the page is created and attached to the StandardOutline.

Create columns

On the CompanyTablePage node, go to Table > Columns. Right click on the node to create a new The Scout documentation has been moved to

Create column

Please add the following three columns to that table:

Type: Long Column
Name: Do not fill because column represents primary key and therefore is hidden
Class name: CompanyNrColumn

Choose type for column Enter name for column

Type: String Column
Name: Name
Class name: NameColumn
Type: String Column
Name: Symbol
Class name: SymbolColumn

To not display the CompanyNr column because of holding the primary key, go to that column in Scout SDK and uncheck Displayable in Scout Property View

Hide Primary Key column

To have the columns equally distributed over the available space of the table page, go to the The Scout documentation has been moved to node and check Auto Resize Columns in Scout Property View.

Autoresize columns

Create service to load company data from database

Now we have to populate the table with company data. For that purpose, double click on the StandardOutlineService under Server > Outline Services to open the corresponding Java class. In there, create the operation getCompanyTableData to load company data from database. Also add the operation signature to the service interface IStandardOutlineService to be accessible from client side. To find the interface IStandardOutlineService, press Ctrl+Shift+T, type IStandardOutlineService and click Open.

public class StandardOutlineService extends AbstractService implements IStandardOutlineService {
  public Object[][] getCompanyTableData() throws ProcessingException {
    return"" +
        "SELECT   COMPANY_NR, " +
        "         NAME, " +
        "         SYMBOL " +
        "FROM     COMPANY ");

Load company data into CompanyTablePage

Now as the StandardOutlineService is ready to load company data from the database, go back to the CompanyTablePage to consume the service's data.

On the Scout Property View, click on the operation Exec Load Table Data to populate the company table

Populate company table with data

Implement the method as follows:

protected Object[][] execLoadTableData(SearchFilter filter) throws ProcessingException {
  return SERVICES.getService(IStandardOutlineService.class).getCompanyTableData();

Finally, if you launch the application, you should see something like this:

Org.eclipse.scout.tutorial.jaxws.CreateCompanyTablePage 14.png

You can continue the webservices tutorial.

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