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===Start the application===
===Start the application===
Use the {{ScoutLink|SDK|Perspective|Scout Perspective}} to start the application.
Use the {{ScoutLink|SDK|Perspective|Scout Perspective}} to start the application.
To log in, the database contains the necessary entries (users and roles) to provide access to:
* User: '''admin'''
* Password: '''manager'''

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Wiki Home

The minicrmTutorial Project Workspace

Screenshot of the application

This project corresponds to the first tutorial and contains a PersonTablePage with different menus, ProcessServices and other fancy stuff. It should help you to get an overview about what you can do easily with Scout and try out a couple of things without first creating your own project. Feel free to ask questions or request new features on the Scout Forum!

Download the sample application

Unzip this file and import the eclipse projects into your workspace: TutorialMiniCrmWorkspace

Download the modified DerbyDb

Unzip this file to the top C drive and rename it to DerbyDb: TutorialMiniCrmWorkspaceDerbyDB
Please note: If you do not unzip this file to C:\DerbyDb you have to manually modify the DerbySqlService (in the package) and specify the correct path to your DB.

Modify returned String of the overrided method:

 protected String getConfiguredJdbcMappingName(){
   return "jdbc:derby:C:\\DerbyDb";

Start the application

Use the Scout Perspective to start the application.

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