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Scout/SDK/JAXWS-SDK/Change alias

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By default, the alias webservices are published at, is /jaxws/. This alias is given by the JaxWsServlet servlet registration in plugin.xml of your server Plug-In. You can change the alias to one of your choice, but do not forget to also update the URL-patterns of the webservice providers accordingly. This is done in the sun-jaxws.xml file. If you are having multiple server Plug-Ins that publish webservice endpoints, you have to change all of them.

{{note|Tip|Instead of changing the alias manually, use Scout SDK. Thereto, right-click onto the 'Webservices (JAX-WS RI 2.1.6)' | 'Provider' node and choose 'change webservice servlet alias' [1]. In turn, you are asked to enter an alias [2]. By clicking finish, all alias are change in sun-jaxws.xml files as as the servlet registration in plugin.xml.

Change webservice servlet alias
Change webservice servlet alias

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