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Eclipse Scout 3.7.0 Release Documentation (Draft)

Release Review

Review date: June 8 2011


This page provides the required docuware for the Scout 3.7.0 Release Review as part of the upcoming Indigo Simultaneous Release

Contact: Matthias Zimmermann(matthias.zimmermann (at)

Communication Channels:

Process Documentation : [1]


Eclipse Scout is a mature and open framework for modern, service oriented business applications.

  • It substantially boosts developer productivity and is simple to learn.
  • User friendly applications are straight forward to implement with Scout’s comprehensive set of user interface components.
  • Completely based on Java/Eclipse, Scout Applications are easy to integrate in most IT environments.


See Scout Indigo New&Noteworthy

Non-Code Aspects

Scout Documentation/Tutorials etc. provided on the Scout wiki

Status per communication channel

  • Webpage: OK
  • Wiki: OK, some tutorials to be verified against Scout 3.7 (Indigo)
  • Forum: OK
  • Mailing list: To be activated


We certify that the public Scout APIs in this release are production quality. As a significant amount of commercial customer applications are based on these APIs we evaluate/communicate changes accordingly (e.g. [2] or [3])


We are are considering to replace Scout Apache Axis Support by JAX-WS Support in the next Scout release. Before we do such a thing we will be discussing this in the scout forum.


  • Status: In activation, some external tickets, ticket transfer from internal tickets ongoing
  • No open major, critical, or blocker
  • Link to list of all Scout tickets Scout tickets


Our initial schedule was presented at EclipseCon 2010 with the following goals:

  • Project status by April 2010
  • Jasper integration by EclipseSummit 2010
  • Birt integration by EclipseSummit 2010
  • Wicket integration by EclipseCon2011
  • Indigo Release train

Except for the Birt integration, these goals have been met with demonstrations at talks at the EclipseSummit/EclipseCon.

Community and Support

Activities 2010

  • Meeting Riena Team in Frankfurt
  • EclipseCon: Lightning Talk, Booth, (sponsored) Tutorial
  • Eclipse Banking Day Copenhagen: Talk
  • Eclipse Stammtisch Karlsruhe: Talk
  • Eclipse Summit: Talk in RT Tutorial, Booth
  • Eclipse Day Paris

Activities 2011

  • Meeting RAP in Karlsruhe
  • EclipseCon 2011: Tutorial, Booth, two (sponsored) Talks
  • Article in EclipseMagazin 3.11
  • Meeting Code Recommenders in Darmstadt
  • Eclipse Webinar 17.5.2011
  • Demo Camp Darmstadt: Talk (planned)

Current Status

Observing from forum/bugzilla there adoption is starting. So far, contributing to Scout outside of BSI has not yet been observed. All committers are currently employees from BSI.

IP Issues

Link to Scout IP Log
IP Log was approved on 30.05.2011 @21:37

The component leadership verifies that:

  • The about files and use licenses are in place as per the Guidelines to Legal Documentation.
  • All contributions (code, documentation, images, etc) have been committed by individuals who are either Members of the Foundation, or have signed the appropriate Committer Agreement. In either case, these are individuals who have signed, and are abiding by, the Eclipse IP Policy.
  • All significant contributions have been reviewed by the Foundation's legal staff.
  • All non-Committer code contributions, including third-party libraries, have been documented in the release and reviewed by the Foundation's legal staff.
  • All Contribution Questionnaires have been completed.

Project Plan

Link to Scout Project Plan [4]

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