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Where do I load data into a TablePage?

  • override method AbstractPageWithTable.execLoadTableData(SearchFilter filter) where you call an outline service operation that returns a Object[][] field
  • Parameter SearchFilter of execLoadTableData carries the FormData instance used as search constraints
  • The search constraints are translated into the target service's query language. In case of SQL, it makes use of the FormDataStatementBuilder and in case of web services the properties are copied into the bean structure required by the target web service.

How do I allow additional date formats in date fields?

Create an AbstractExtendedDateField based on AbstractDateField and override createDateFormatsForParsing(String):

public abstract class AbstractEnglishDateField extends AbstractDateField{

  public AbstractEnglishDateField(){

  protected List<DateFormat> createDateFormatsForParsing(String text){
    List<DateFormat> list=super.createDateFormatsForParsing(text);
    //add custom patterns only valid in english locales
      list.add(new SimpleDateFormat("M / d / yy"));
      list.add(new SimpleDateFormat("MMM d,yyyy"));
      list.add(new SimpleDateFormat("MMMM d,yyyy"));
      list.add(new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy/M/d"));
      list.add(new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy / M / d"));
      list.add(new SimpleDateFormat("dd.MM.yyyy"));
    return list;


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