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Scout/HowTo/3.8/Fixing the windowspasswordprovider exception

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This how-to describes how to fix the windowspasswordprovider exception

Problem description

If the following exception is shown when starting the client, you need to add an additional dependency to the corresponding UI product (Swing and/or SWT):

!ENTRY 4 0 2012-11-29 13:20:12.795 !MESSAGE Unable to locate secure storage module (
!STACK 0 Unable to locate secure storage module (



  1. Go to the Swing or SWT UI project and open the product file
  2. Go to the "Dependencies" tab
  3. Click on "Add"
  4. Search for ""
  5. Click on OK and Save the file
  6. Go to the "Overview" tab
  7. Click on Synchronise
  8. Launch the application from the product file

Launching the client now should no longer throw the exception.

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