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Scout/HowTo/3.8/Create a new project

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Scout Explorer view


In the Scout Explorer view select New Scout Project... in the context menu of the Scout Projects folder.

Step 1


In this step, it is possible to choose:

  • The project name (mandatory)
  • The project postfix
  • The project alias (mandatory)

The plug-ins (UI Plug-Ins, Client, Shared, Server) are named using the pattern:

 <project name>.<plug in>.<project postfix>

It is possible to choose which plugin-ins need to be added. A Scout application is not necessary a client/server application. You can also create Client only or Server only applications. But in any case you must include the shared plug-in in the project.
Because of the separation of the UI and GUI it is possible to choose the UI Plug-ins that will render the application.

Step 2

New scout project step2.png

This steps allows to choose the type of application that should be created.

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