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Scout/HowTo/3.7/Add an icon

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Add the icon file to the project

In the Shared Plug-In (e.g. tutorialMiniCrm.shared.tutorialMiniCrm) add the icon file to the resources/icons folder.

Scout supports many different picture formats. You can use a PNG file that has a size of 16*16 pixels.

Link your file to your application

Open the Icons class in the shared project (e.g. tutorialMiniCrm.shared.tutorialMiniCrm.Icons) and add a new line like this:

 public static final String UserHome ="home_red"; 
  • Name of the constant is the name that you will use in your application. (e.g. UserHome)
  • Value is the name of your file without the extension. (e.g. home_red.png)

Use your icon

When you need to provide an Icon you can now use the Icons class. For example:

 protected String getConfiguredIconId(){
   return Icons.UserHome;

With the appropriate import:

 import tutorialMiniCrm.shared.tutorialMiniCrm.Icons;

Of course the new icon is listed in the icon editor in the Scout SDK (Project > Shared > Icons > Scout Object Properties > Open icons editor).


It is also available in the icon chooser field in order to configure quickly your GUI.


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