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Scout comes with a number of features containing the scout plugins. Currently these features are only designed for installing Scout using the p2 updatesite or defining targets.

In order to use scout features at runtime with feature based products some more work needs to be done. (Planned with Bug Bugzilla 387983. Currently, if you want to use feature based products, you need to create your own features containing the required scout bundles. It also makes sense to further split the features to allow smaller downloads for specific needs.

Feature Overview

Work in progress

The current feature structure looks as follows:


Component Id Name Description
SDK & RT org.eclipse.scout Eclipse Scout This feature contains the common Scout tooling and runtime components.
SDK org.eclipse.scout.sdk Eclipse Scout SDK Integrated tooling support for developing Scout applications.
SDK org.eclipse.scout.sdk.rap Eclipse Scout SDK RAP Eclipse RAP support for the Scout tooling.
SDK org.eclipse.scout.sdk.testing Eclipse Scout SDK Testing API support for testing Scout tooling extensions.
SDK (& RT) Eclipse Scout RAP Target Eclipse RAP updatesite mirror for the Scout tooling to create local RAP targets (no Internet connection required).
RT org.eclipse.scout.rt Eclipse Scout Runtime Scout runtime environments for client, UI and server components.
RT org.eclipse.scout.rt.client Eclipse Scout Runtime Client Scout client runtime environment.
RT org.eclipse.scout.rt.core Eclipse Scout Runtime Core Core runtime components
RT org.eclipse.scout.rt.rap Eclipse Scout Runtime RAP Eclipse RAP runtime environment for web based graphical user interface. Only used for provisioning Target Platform.
RT Eclipse Scout Runtime RAP Basic Target Basic target components for Scout web/mobile clients with an Eclipse RAP based user interface.
RT org.eclipse.scout.rt.swing Eclipse Scout Runtime Swing Scout runtime environment for desktop clients with a Swing based user interface.
RT org.eclipse.scout.rt.swt Eclipse Scout Runtime SWT Scout runtime environment for desktop clients with a SWT based user interface.
RT TESTING org.eclipse.scout.rt.testing Eclipse Scout Runtime Testing Scout testing environment for client, UI and server components.
RT TESTING org.eclipse.scout.rt.testing.core Eclipse Scout Runtime Testing Scout core testing components.
RT TESTING org.eclipse.scout.rt.testing.swing Eclipse Scout Runtime Testing Testing environment for Scout user interfaces based on Swing.
RT TESTING org.eclipse.scout.rt.testing.swt Eclipse Scout Runtime Testing SWT Testing environment for Scout user interfaces based on SWT.
RT TESTING org.eclipse.scout.rt.rap.testing Eclipse Scout Runtime Testing RAP This feature contains the testing environment for Scout user interfaces based on Eclipse RAP.

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