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Type of composite field to associate in a sequence different Value field.

  • implements: I obj.pngISequenceBox
  • extends: C obj.pngAbstractSequenceBox


The SequenceBox shows the contents in one line, this is typically used in Scout to show two date fields as shown in the screenshots below. An alternative use could be to show a field with a button directly next to it to give the user the possibility to enter data into the field or browse for a value.


RAP SWT Swing Swing Rayo
Scout 3.8 SequenceBox RAP.png Scout 3.8 SequenceBox SWT.png Scout 3.8 SequenceBox Swing.png Scout 3.8 SequenceBox Swing Rayo.png


Defined with getConfiguredXxxxxx() methods.

The property AutoCheckFromTo (default true) specifies that the input of the fields is checked in a way that they form a valid range. If you use the SequenceBox for other purpose then two fields that are comparable, you must uncheck the AutoCheckFromTo property.

See also the Field and the Composite field pages for the properties that all fields have in common.


Defined with execXxxxxx() methods.

See also the Field and the Composite field pages for the events that all fields have in common.

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