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Scout/Concepts/Outline based application

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"Outline based application" is a the type of application that can be chosen during the creation of a new scout project. Basically the main windows of the application displays outlines and their page tree.

Depending on the operation system and the rendering plug-in, the main windows is not exactly the same, it contains:


The main window of a Scout Outline based application:

Scout MainWindow.png


Here are the main concepts of the main window and how they are linked together:

Scout Outline Concepts.png The Outlines are represented on top of the main window. The active outline is represented: On the left the hierarchy pages is represented. This outline contains three pages at the root level. Each page can contain one or more chid pages, building a tree of pages displayed in a TreeField.

The selected page (a table page in this case) is displayed on the right of the main window. A search form is attached to this page.

Scout Client Concepts.png The SearchForm enables to specify what content can be loaded in the page. In the Table of the page, a Context Menu allows to execute some actions on the row: typically create, modify and delete operations. To create or modify the data, a Form can be used.

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