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Scout/Concepts/JAXWS-RT/List of installed webservice endpoints

If you enter the URL to the JaxWsServlet into the browser, you get a list of all installed webservice endpoints.

You can prevent this list to be published by setting the property org.eclipse.scout.jaxws216.publish_status_page to false in config.ini.


Also, you can change the HTML template by setting the following two init-properties in the JaxWsServlet registration:

 bundle-name: The name of the bundle that contains your HTML page and its images
 bundle-path: The bundle-relative path to the resource folder

To install a custom template, specify those two init-parameters and put a file named jaxws-services.html into the configured bundle-path. If found, the template is searched for the placeholder #jaxws-services# to be replaced with the list of services.

If you only want to change the image, do not create a custom template but place an image named jaxws-services.png to your bundle-path.

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