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| {{ScoutLink|Concepts|SequenceBox|SequenceBox}} || [[Image:Scout_3.8_SequenceBox_RAP.png]] || [[Image:Scout_3.8_SequenceBox_SWT.png]] || [[Image:Scout_3.8_SequenceBox_Swing.png]] || [[Image:Scout_3.8_SequenceBox_Swing_Rayo.png]]
| {{ScoutLink|Concepts|SequenceBox|SequenceBox}} || [[Image:Scout_3.8_SequenceBox_RAP.png]] || [[Image:Scout_3.8_SequenceBox_SWT.png]] || [[Image:Scout_3.8_SequenceBox_Swing.png]] || [[Image:Scout_3.8_SequenceBox_Swing_Rayo.png]]
| colspan="2" align="center" | See also the main article on {{ScoutLink|Concepts|CompositeField|composite field}}
| colspan="5" align="center" | See also the main article on {{ScoutLink|Concepts|CompositeField|composite field}}

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Field are elements in Form

  • implements: I obj.pngIFormField
  • extends: C obj.pngAbstractFormField


Add a description

It is possible to distinguish different types of fields:

Value fields

These fiels contain a value. There are specific implementation depending on the type of data:

Field RAP SWT Swing Swing Rayo
StringField Scout 3.8 StringField RAP.png Scout 3.8 StringField SWT.png Scout 3.8 StringField Swing.png Scout 3.8 StringField Swing Rayo.png
LabelField Scout 3.8 LabelField RAP.png Scout 3.8 LabelField SWT.png Scout 3.8 LabelField Swing.png Scout 3.8 LabelField Swing Rayo.png
IntegerField Scout 3.8 IntegerField RAP.png Scout 3.8 IntegerField SWT.png Scout 3.8 IntegerField Swing.png Scout 3.8 IntegerField Swing Rayo.png
BigIntegerField Scout 3.8 BigIntegerField RAP.png Scout 3.8 BigIntegerField SWT.png Scout 3.8 BigIntegerField Swing.png Scout 3.8 BigIntegerField Swing Rayo.png
DoubleField Scout 3.8 DoubleField RAP.png Scout 3.8 DoubleField SWT.png Scout 3.8 DoubleField Swing.png Scout 3.8 DoubleField Swing Rayo.png
BigDecimalField Scout 3.8 BigDecimalField RAP.png Scout 3.8 BigDecimalField SWT.png Scout 3.8 BigDecimalField Swing.png Scout 3.8 BigDecimalField Swing Rayo.png
FileChooserField Scout 3.8 FileChooserField RAP.png Scout 3.8 FileChooserField SWT.png Scout 3.8 FileChooserField Swing.png Scout 3.8 FileChooserField Swing Rayo.png
BooleanField or CheckBox Scout 3.8 BooleanField RAP.png Scout 3.8 BooleanField SWT.png Scout 3.8 BooleanField Swing.png Scout 3.8 BooleanField Swing Rayo.png
SmartField Scout 3.8 SmartField RAP.png Scout 3.8 SmartField SWT.png Scout 3.8 SmartField Swing.png Scout 3.8 SmartField Swing Rayo.png
DateField Scout 3.8 DateField RAP.png Scout 3.8 DateField SWT.png Scout 3.8 DateField Swing.png Scout 3.8 DateField Swing Rayo.png
TimeField Scout 3.8 TimeField RAP.png Scout 3.8 TimeField SWT.png Scout 3.8 TimeField Swing.png Scout 3.8 TimeField Swing Rayo.png
DateTimeField Scout 3.8 DateTimeField RAP.png Scout 3.8 DateTimeField SWT.png Scout 3.8 DateTimeField Swing.png Scout 3.8 DateTimeField Swing Rayo.png
CalendarField Scout 3.8 CalendarField RAP.png Scout 3.8 CalendarField SWT.png Scout 3.8 CalendarField Swing.png Scout 3.8 CalendarField Swing Rayo.png
ListBox Scout 3.8 ListBox RAP.png Scout 3.8 ListBox SWT.png Scout 3.8 ListBox Swing.png Scout 3.8 ListBox Swing Rayo.png
TreeBox Scout 3.8 TreeBox RAP.png Scout 3.8 TreeBox SWT.png Scout 3.8 TreeBox Swing.png Scout 3.8 TreeBox Swing Rayo.png
MailField only Swing available only Swing available Scout 3.8 MailField Swing.png Scout 3.8 MailField Swing Rayo.png
BrowserField Scout 3.8 BrowserField RAP.png Scout 3.8 BrowserField SWT.png Scout 3.8 BrowserField Swing.png Scout 3.8 BrowserField Swing Rayo.png
DocumentField This will be released soon as a scout swing fragment under epl.
See also the main article on value fields

Composite fields

To group other fields

Field RAP SWT Swing Swing Rayo
GroupBox Scout 3.8 GroupBox RAP.png Scout 3.8 GroupBox SWT.png Scout 3.8 GroupBox Swing.png Scout 3.8 GroupBox Swing Rayo.png
TabBox Scout 3.8 TabBox RAP.png Scout 3.8 TabBox SWT.png Scout 3.8 TabBox Swing.png Scout 3.8 TabBox Swing Rayo.png
SequenceBox Scout 3.8 SequenceBox RAP.png Scout 3.8 SequenceBox SWT.png Scout 3.8 SequenceBox Swing.png Scout 3.8 SequenceBox Swing Rayo.png
See also the main article on composite field

Other fields

TODO: also HTML field...


Defined with getConfiguredXxxxxx() methods.

Add a description of important properties. The idea is not to recreate the JavaDoc of the getConfiguredXxxxxx() methods but to provide explanations, best practice, example... Group the properties by domain.


Defined with execXxxxxx() methods.

Add a description of important events. The idea is not to recreate the JavaDoc of the execXxxxxx() methods but to provide explanations, best practice, example... Group the events by domain.

See Also

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