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Science WG/EclipseCon2014

Meeting @ EclipseCon

Time and Location

  • 13:30 to 15:00 on Thursday, March 20th, 2014
  • This meeting takes place co-located with EclipseCon 2014. Room TBA.


  • Quick roll call
  • Step through draft charter
  • Review list of initial members & projects
  • Next steps to formal launch of Science WG, next meeting date/time


The following people are attending:

  • Andrew Ross - Eclipse Foundation
  • Torkild U. Resheim, Robert Heggdal - Itema/MARINTEK
  • Baha El-Kassaby, Matt Gerring - Diamond Light Source
  • Jay Jay Billings, Jordan Deyton, Taylor Patterson, Anna Wojtowicz - Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Tracy Miranda - Kichwa Coders
  • Tamar Cohen - NASA Ames Research Center


  • Philip Wenig - OpenChrom (available via Google Hangout or Skype)
  • Stephan Druskat - Atomic (dto.)

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