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(Meeting Minutes, BoF EclipseCon 2013)
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** Torkild U. Resheim (Itema)
** Torkild U. Resheim (Itema)
** Robert Heggdal (Itema)
** Robert Heggdal (Itema)
** Stephan Druskat
** Stephan Druskat (LinkType project, University of Jena)
** Matthew Gerring (Diamond Light Source - [DAWN collaboration])
** Matthew Gerring (Diamond Light Source - [DAWN collaboration])
** Jacob Filik (Diamond Light Source - [DAWN collaboration])
** Jacob Filik (Diamond Light Source - [DAWN collaboration])

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Open Source Initiative for Scientific Development Tools (preliminary phase)


Several universities, research facilities and companies still use and develop Eclipse RCP applications to solve problems within a certain scientific scope. This page shall give an overview of existing applications. Moreover, it demonstrates that Eclipse applications are well suited for the needs of scientific research both in non-commercial/educational and commercial context. Hence, the intention is to enable a vivid scientific community within the Eclipse Foundation. The goals of such a working group and community are the following:

  • To provide an infrastructure for interoparibility between various scientific applications
  • To prevent reinventing the wheel over and over again
  • To enable an interdisciplinary research and development
  • To solve problems as a community and hence to lower the costs of development
  • To inspire students and scientists to use and utilize open source software
  • To help industrial partners to get better products


Goal of this initiative is to establish an Industry Working Group with a scientific scope. At the current stage, we're collecting projects and interested partners. The aim is to find as much interested parties as possible. A wide range of applications and needs allows us to create a common roadmap that fits the needs of all of its participants.

  • Preliminary phase of collecting projects and partners (we are here)
  • Commit to write a proposal to establish a Science IWG
  • Start of an official Eclipse Industry Working Group
  • Recruiting of new participants and industrial partners
  • Being a proud part of the Eclipse Community
  • Being curious of what's coming next

Organization and Contact

For more information, please contact:

  • Philip Wenig "philip (dot) wenig (at) gmx (dot) net"
  • Ralph Müller "ralph (dot) mueller (at) eclipse (dot) org"

Please subscribe to the mailing list to get the latest news and discussions:

Science IWG Mailing List

Alphabetical List of Open Source RCP Projects

  • Atomic - Linguistics
  • Bioclipse - Biology, Chemistry, Bioinformatics
  • BioExtrac Biobank, Medical Research
  • Bio7 - Ecological Modeling, Scientific Image Analysis, Statistical Analysis
  • Control System Studio - Physics
  • DAWN - Physics
  • Elexis - Practice Management, EMR, Healthcare
  • GDA - data acquisition software for science facilities such as neutron and x-ray sources
  • GumTree - Physics
  • KNIME - Data and Image Analysis in Chemistry and Biology
  • Maltcms - Chemistry
  • NiCE - Integrated Computational Environment for advanced modeling and simulation
  • OpenChrom - Chemistry
  • openMASP - Chemistry
  • Passerelle - open workflow solution platform. Applied for data acquisition and control in synchrotron beamlines and similar facilities. Also integrated in DAWN for data analysis workflows.
  • Remote Component Environment (RCE) - Workflow-driven integration environment; aerospace and transport research
  • StatET - Integrated development environment (IDE) and GUI for R
  • STEM - Epidemiology, Healthcare
  • uDig - Geospatial Information System (GIS), hosted by the Eclipse Foundation's LocationTech working group which focuses on location aware technology.
  • UOMo - Units of Measurement, UCUM (HL7)

Alphabetical List of Proprietary RCP Projects

Nonbinding List of Interested Partners

Alphabetical List of Miscellaneous Other Projects

Meeting Minutes, BoF EclipseCon 2013

// TODO - Add Overview Poster

  • Meeting Attendants
    • Philip Wenig
    • Marco Descher
    • Tim Jagenberg (MARINTEK)
    • Egil Giertsen (MARINTEK)
    • Torkild U. Resheim (Itema)
    • Robert Heggdal (Itema)
    • Stephan Druskat (LinkType project, University of Jena)
    • Matthew Gerring (Diamond Light Source - [DAWN collaboration])
    • Jacob Filik (Diamond Light Source - [DAWN collaboration])
  • Target: Definition and Vision
  • Contribution
    • 3D visualization, OpenGL Viewer
    • dynamic 2d visualiatzion, oscilloscope widget
    • access to Experiment Physics and Industrial Control System (EPICS)
    • TeXmark algorithm for xygraph
    • 2d image viewing, histographic algorithms
    • tool system
    • slicing system, EP for slicing different ways of n-dimensional data
    • figures for selecting data
    • 3d and surface visualization
    • STEM: use of gis data visualization in form of shape files
    • Workflow systems - Integration barrier?
  • Interested in
    • better visualization tools for 2d plots
    • jobs management, simulation management
    • periodic system classes, scientific constants
    • file bugs for swt xygraph
    • Matlab replacement designed by the working group
    • improve xy plotting functionality, work together to get this done
    • performant visualization for dynamic mesh
    • Funding for research projects
    • teaching exchange
    • state-of-the-art knowledge exchange
  • Need
    • 3d rendering on huge 3d models
    • Support for graph (and graph-layout) algorithms
    • ISO surface renderer
  • Dimensions/units -> UoMo
  • Other
    • wrapping up algorithms and libraries to java and as eclipse bundles
    • matlab -> python it provides a broader set of scientific libraries
    • python integration, pydev
    • EASE
    • Rapidminer, Gridminer
  • Contact
    • swtchart
  • Distributed Execution
    • Remark: University Of Innsbruck
  • 2D Plot, xygraph contribution
  • Visualization - common visualization working group
  • System Engineering - numerical part
  • Crystal structures
  • Conclusion
    • Matthew will provide a one-pager of 2 or 3 points we like to achieve next year and one to two pages vision of the working group
  • Further steps
    • Definition and Vision by End of November -> just write, not too long
    • Review by all members
    • Who takes leadership?
    • Vision document (1,2 pages)
      • defined scope what to accomplish; common scientific building blocks
    • Common scientific platform?

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