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NetApp Unified Storage Appliance report - design document

Create a new Unified Storage Appliance Report - initial requirements

Requirements narrowed down

SMI-S agent data collection

LUNs masking and mapping

Corellation between Array Profile entities (storage extents, Pools, LUNs) and Self Contained NAS entities(filesystems)

High level description of the report

Implementation details

Device Server

Gui and Data Server


This document blends together NetApp, SMI-S and Aperi terms and I hope that this glossary will clarify their intended meaning .

aggregate[1] It is the highest level of disks grouping. Lower levels are plexes and RAID groups, which are the basis for an aggregate. A volume is created on an aggregate. An aggregate is described by NetApp SMI-S agent using an instance of CIM_StoragePool and is represented as a storage pool in Aperi.

filer A shorthand for a NetApp storage system

file share A directory or a file that is made available by a filer to clients through NFS or CIFS protocol

FlexVol Volume[1] A FlexVol is a type of #volume that shares its containing aggregate with many other FlexVols.

hot spare disk It is a disk that has not been added yet to any aggregates and can be used to extend an aggregate, to create a new aggregates or to replace a failed disk in an aggregate. ONTAP replaces automatically a failed disk with one of the hot spare disks.

LUN Logical unit of storage. Storage Volume and LUNs have equivalent meaning.

LUN masking

LUN mapping

ONTAP[1] It is the operating system which manages a NetApp storage system.

plex[1] It is an assembly of RAID groups. NetApp defines mirroring at plex level. An aggregate has only one plex when it is unmirrored and two plexes when it is mirrored.

Traditional Volume[1] A traditional volume is a volume that occupies by itself an entire aggregate.

volume[1] It is file system of type WAFL. The LUNs are created on a volume as files but exposed as block storage space. The file shares are also part of a volume.

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