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NetApp Unified Storage Appliance report - design document
==Create a new Unified Storage Appliance Report - initial requirements==
==Requirements narrowed down==
==SMI-S agent data collection==
===LUNs masking and mapping===
===Corellation between Array Profile entities (storage extents, Pools, LUNs) and  Self Contained NAS entities(filesystems)===
==High level description of the report==
==Implementation details==
===Device Server===
===Gui and Data Server===
This document blends together  NetApp, SMI-S  and Aperi terms and  I hope that this glossary will clarify their intended meaning .
aggregate<ref name="netappspecific">NetApp specific.</ref> 
It is the highest level of disks grouping. Lower levels are plexes and RAID groups, which are the  basis for an aggregate. A volume is created on an aggregate. An aggregate is described by NetApp SMI-S agent using an instance of CIM_StoragePool and is represented as a storage pool in Aperi.
A shorthand  for a NetApp storage system
file share
A directory or a file that is made available by a filer to clients through NFS or CIFS protocol
FlexVol Volume<ref name="netappspecific"/>
A FlexVol is a type of [[#volume]] that shares its containing aggregate with many other FlexVols.
hot spare disk
It is a disk that has not been added yet to any aggregates and can be used to extend an aggregate, to create a new aggregates or to replace a failed disk in an aggregate. ONTAP replaces automatically a failed disk with one of the hot spare disks.
Logical unit of storage. Storage Volume and LUNs have equivalent meaning.
LUN masking
LUN mapping
ONTAP<ref name="netappspecific"/>
It is the operating system which manages a NetApp storage system.
plex<ref name="netappspecific"/>
It is an assembly of RAID groups. NetApp defines mirroring at plex level. An aggregate has only one plex when it is unmirrored and two plexes when it is mirrored. 
Traditional Volume<ref name="netappspecific"/>
A traditional volume is a [[volume]] that occupies by itself an entire aggregate.
volume<ref name="netappspecific"/>
It is file system of type WAFL. The LUNs are created on a volume as files but exposed as block storage space. The file shares are also part of a volume.

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