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SWTBot Community Support

How to ask a good question

Ensure that the question you are asking has:

  • Adequate context for others reading your question. Why you're trying to do something. What you're doing in order to achieve.
  • Adequate information of what you've tried out so far. I've tried to do foo, then tried bar, but that did not work either, so I'm asking for support here. See Asking Questions The Smart Way
  • Version numbers of Eclipse, available in "Help>About"
  • Version number of SWTBot, available in "Help>About>Plug-in Details"
  • Once you have all the information, subscribe to the SWTBot_Newsgroup and ask your questions

SWTBot Users Newsgroup & Forum

User community support is available in 2 ways, which mirrors one and other:

SWTBot Developer mailing-list

SWTBot contributors should also follow the [swtbot-dev mailing-list ], where they can ask questions about the development of SWTBot, discuss some architectural issues, announce upcoming huge features...

Professional Support

If you need professional support for SWTBot you could contact Obeo.

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