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= SWTBot Support =
= SWTBot Support =

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Continuous Integration

SWTBot Support

Ensure that the question you are asking has:

  • Adequate context for others reading your question. Why you're trying to do something. What you're doing in order to achieve.
  • Adequate information of what you've tried out so far. I've tried to do foo, then tried bar, but that did not work either, so I'm asking for support here. See Asking Questions The Smart Way
  • Version numbers of Eclipse, available in "Help>About"
  • Version number of SWTBot, available in "Help>About>Plug-in Details"
  • Once you have all the information, subscribe to the SWTBot_Newsgroup and ask your questions

SWTBot Newsgroup

  • Newsgroup access:
    • server:
    • group: eclipse.swtbot
    • in order to access the Eclipse newsgroups, you need to request a password on the Eclipse newsgroups registration site.

SWTBot newsgroups are available at news:// See How do I read the newsgroups? for information on how you subscribe to and post to the newsgroups.

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