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SWTBot/Dev Setup For Recorder Branch

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This page gives instructions in order to get started in using and developping for the old and deprecated recorder. If you'd like to use the new recorder integrated into SWTBot in early 2013, see SWTBot/Recorder.


Here are the instructions for setting up your development environment for the recorder branch.

Follow instructions on the SWTBot contribution guide to checkout and build the source.

The source code for the recorder is located on a branch called "recorder-spike".

  1. To run the recorder with a standalone application, start org.eclipse.swtbot.swt.recorder.ui.Main with the name of your standalone app as an argument. For example, you can use org.eclipse.swt.examples.controlexample.CustomControlExample as the argument.
  2. To run the recorder with an eclipse application, create an Eclipse Application launcher. Add the following code at an appropriate location where it will be called once.
Thread recorderThread = new Thread("SWTBotRecorder") {
			public void run() {
				new SWTBotRecorderWindow().createWindow();
  • You can set -Dorg.eclipse.swtbot.recorder.actions.print=true as a VM argument to make the recorder print to console as it records events.

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