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STP Website Updates

Front page:

* Diagram of the components, 
* overview of each one. 
* Prominent links to articles and component pages as well as contact addresses, 
* link to newsgroup, mailing list archives and the like.
* logo on the top-right as other eclipse project.
  The logo can be found here STP_Logos 

Per-component pages:

* to be managed by the component teams and leaders. 
* Contains summary of component, technical notes, 
* links to relevant technologies, places of reuse, etc.

Project specific pages,

* to contain charter, committer list, 
* information about meetings, schedules, 
* links to planning documents and proposals, etc.
* help wanted page, list of bugs which want help from outside volunteer

STP FAQ page:

* need to create a faq page for end user / developer.
  It should similar to wtp faq page

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