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STP SC plugins structure

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Johnson Ma, Update on Sep 17th, for STP 0.7.0

  • org.eclipse.stp.servicecreation (feature plugin for STP.SC plugins)
  • org.eclipse.stp.doc (doc plugin shared by STP project)
  • (doc plugin for
  • org.eclipse.stp.common (common plugin shared by stp project)
  • (common plugin shared by project)
  • (plugin for creating jax-ws component)
  • (apache cxf jax-ws java component dev plugin)
  • (Sun JAX-WS RI jax-ws java component dev plugin)
  • (plugin for creating SCA component)
  • (plugin for creating SCA-JAVA component)
  • (apache tuscany SCA-JAVA component dev plugin)
  • org.eclipse.stp.soas.deploy.runtime.cxf (Apache CXF runtime plugin)
  • org.eclipse.stp.soas.deploy.runtime.tuscany (Apache Tuscany Java runtime plugin)
  • org.eclipse.stp.soas.deploy.runtime.jaxwsri (Sun Jax-Ws RI runtime plugin)
  • (rule based xml validator plugin)
  • (rule based java annotation validator plugin)
  • org.eclipse.stp.xef(editor plugin for editing WS-Policy)

Stp plugins structures.PNG

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