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STP All In One Package

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All-in-One package

We created a all-in-one package to let user try to stp functions. You can download the STP all in one package from

Just copy all plugins from that package to your clean eclipse3.2 installation.

Please notice:

* The all-in-one package works on eclipse3.2. 
* Please set the java compiler to jdk 1.5 in preference page (1.4 and 1.6 are not supported)
* Need to install CXF runtime to test the JAX-WS functions.
* The tutorial has been tested with Tomcat 5.5
* The all-in-one package was created on 2007-04-09 snapshot version of STP.

Three known issues for the all-in-one package:

* Can't set the JAX-WS runtime directory and soap12 binding from project's properties. But set from Preference page  works fine.
* The Document/Lit/Bare doesn't work. This is caused by a bug in Apache CXF runtime.
So If you are following Tyler's article, please give @SoapBinding(Document/Literal/Wrapped) annotation on web service class.
* The HTTP/REST style client has problem, will give HTTP 500 error in the runtime. But the standalone client run from Eclipse works fine.
* The url for Tomcat should be something like http://localhost:8080/MyCalc/services/MyCalc?wsdl
  That is different from Tyler's Tutorial (because the all-in-one was created after the tutorail, so there are some changes).

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