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Record of the Call

This is not intended to be a verbatim record of the call, but to capture the core and gist of the discussions and any action items.

Attending: Vincent, Stéphane, Oisin, Andrian, Renat, Marc, Andrei

Minutes: Renat

Build, deadlines, etc

Oisin reported continious build is established for STP based on Hudson , if any of the projects want's it please fire a bug report on build component in STP with "Hudson" in the subject and description of what kind of triggers do you want for the build (e.g. checkin, every day, every week, etc).

Oisin reminded about M6 deadline at 19 March 2009, so every project shouldn't forget to tag sources that are ready for the build with 3.5M6 tag.


Marc talked about upcoming JWT + STP-IM integration where JWT is a STP-IM customer. This topic will be followed up on eclipse since there will be a 10 min JWT talk.

Swordfish - Eclipse Link - STP

Andrei announced about his results of the conf-call with Eclipse Link guys. There is a peace of functionality that simplify the SDO integration which could potentially be interesting for Eclipse Link, Swordfish and STP projects. Andrei will prepare a draft project proposal and will post it to the wiki.

Swordfish tooling

Renat announced about ongoing discussions about tooing for Swordfish project. The project is in its initial stage, more to be found on the and in the


SCA: Stéphane can prepare some input, including a practical part. Vincent will do the tutorial

BPMN: take to mailing list

ToDo: add intermediate model, maybe transformation of BPMN model

Agreed to leave abstract on the web page as is, put timetable on the stick

ToDo Jerry: look up deadline and send a reminder to the mailing list (done)

ToDo Jerry: attach template for presentation

Web Site

  • Link to svn repository -> redirect (Oisin)
  • prepare team page in wiki so Oisin can set a redirect (Jerry)
  • There is a new theme out for the Eclipse websites, we agreed to try out, send a mail to the list dev-list so everyone is informed, and we're prepared to drop back to the old theme if problems come up

JWT cooperation

Florian gave a short overview of the current state, some quick notes

  • JWT -> STP IM transformation through IP process
  • Stéphane offered help with the transformation BPMN -> JWT

BPMN editor -> BPMN needs to be augmented, JWT workflow editor offers extension points for adding views that allow adding that data for a specific execution engine

JWT also intends to provide Monitoring -> w.i.p.

Florian agreed to add some links to the diskussion [JWT_and_STP_STPIM|page] so there are some leads if anyone wants to dig deeper.

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