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STP/IM Component/STP Use Cases

Stakeholder Development process discipline Description Tools used Possible integration scenarios
Business Analyst Business Modeling, Analysis Creates a model representing the current (or possibly future) state of a business process, independent from any technological implementation details. It will serve as a blueprint for SOA solution architects and developers. STP/BPMN Component STP/IM Component/Transformation Approaches/From BPMN
Process managers, architects and developers Process management: execution and control (monitoring) Makes sure the business processes execute properly as specified by the business analyst. Eclipse BPEL Project

BPEL to Java (B2J) STP Subproject

SOA Architect SOA Analysis and Design Designs a solution according to the models built by the business analyst. Typically follows a SOA methodology to come up with a model of services and service components, either top-down, bottom-up or middle-out. Uses SCA as a standard to model this. STP/SCA Component STP/IM Component/Transformation Approaches/From SCA

STP/IM Component/Transformation Approaches/To SCA

SOA Developer SOA Development Implements the specified components in the SOA design. Create Services based on annotated Java code (JAX-WS). Create Service definitions following a contract-first (WSDL-first) approach STP/SVC Component(WSDL-first)

| WTP(Java-first)

SOA Architects and developers SOA Governance Design and implement the defined SOA policies; Create WS-Policy documents to specify non-functional requirements and capabilities of a service. STP/Policy_Component
SOA System integrators SOA Enterprise Integration Define how components of heterogeneous technologies integrate to each other STP/EID_Component
SOA architects, developers and configuration managers SOA configuration, assembly, deployment, monitoring, and management Manage the deployment of SOA components. Deploy Service implementations into Swordfish runtime. STP/SOAS_Component Eclipse Swordfish SOA Runtime Framework Project
All SOA execution and runtime Take all the development artifacts created with STP tools to a production environment Eclipse Swordfish SOA Runtime Framework Project STP/SOAS_Component

An EclipseCon 2008 presentation by Sopera also identified the SOA tooling use cases across the SOA development lifecycle: An integrated approach to SOA tooling for ServiceMix and other platforms.

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