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STP/EID Component

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This is the Wiki Home for the Enterprise Integration Diagram Editor project. This project is a simple editor for the construction of Enterprise Integration Patterns as described by Hohpe and Wolff in their book. The editor comes with a pluggable framework for the generation of code or configurations based upon the underlying EMF model. There are three examples of configuration generators - one for PeTaLs, one for Apache ServiceMix (these are both JBI-compliant ESBs) and one for Apache Camel. These examples are exactly that, and are not functionally complete.

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Enterprise Integration Designer 0.8.0 is available for download as an archived update site

Getting Started


  • EID Developers - It's all about reading the code at the moment :)
  • EID Extension Points - places where the EID can be extended to allow the generation of configuration or code for a runtime


The Coders

  • Natacha Bagnard
  • Julien Forot
  • Oisín Hurley

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