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<h1>The Team</h1>
<h1>The Team</h1>
Guillaume Nodet
* Guillaume Nodet
Christophe Hamerling
* Christophe Hamerling
Natacha Bagnard
* Natacha Bagnard
Julien Forot
* Julien Forot
Ois&iacute;n Hurley
* Ois&iacute;n Hurley

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This is the Wiki Home for the EID Component

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Enterprise Integration Designer 0.8.0 is available for download from the STP Update site at

Milestone Planning

A collection of the milestones coming up for the Ganymede release in EID.

Getting Started

Ouch! We haven't got anything yet!


It's all about reading the code at the moment :)

The Team

  • Guillaume Nodet
  • Christophe Hamerling
  • Natacha Bagnard
  • Julien Forot
  • Oisín Hurley

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