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STP/BPMN Component/STP BPMN Presentation

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STP BPMN Presentation

STP BPMN Presentation (Part 1)

STP BPMN Presentation (Part 2)

STP BPMN Presentation (Part 3)

Eclipse con 2007 STP BPMN Tutorial (Setup)

STP BPMN Presentation Hands on tutorial

From Modeling to Execution in the Enterprise -- using BPMN and BPEL

Introduction to the modeler

The modeler has been developed based on GMF, which stands for Graphical Modeling Framework. GMF is an open source project taking place in the Eclipse Foundation. It reuses and extends two other Eclipse projects, GEF (Graphical Editing Framework) and EMF (Eclipse Modeling Framework).

The modeler is developed as a subproject of the STP project, ie the SOA Tools Platform project.

The goal of this modeler is to provide a graphical notation to express processes. Its second goal is to provide enough extensibility so that it can be reused to generate executable code.

The team counts two committers, Alex Boisvert and Hugues Malphettes, and a contributor Antoine Toulme.

They all work for Intalio, Inc.

A first milestone of the project has been published in December. The project has adopted the STP lifecycle and should release a 1.0 version sometime in Q2 this year.

You can access the builds on this page.


BPMN stands for Business Process Modeling Notation. It has been developed by the Business Process Modeling Initiative, which has merged since with the OMG. The modeler does not implement fully the specification yet.

Take a peek at the object model of the BPMN diagram editor:


The tool is responsible for the validation and enforcing the constraints defined by the specification.


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