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STP/BPMN Component/FAQ

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Linux support

This FAQ goal is to provide information and support for Designer Linux users.

Q: I cannot see the diagram in the editor. All I see is empty pools.

A: GMF has an issue with GTK, it doesn't show antialised figures. You need to go to the preferences and disable the antialias.

A second approach is to force Eclipse to use the Cairo library that is bundled with it. In your Designer directory, just run LD_PRELOAD=./ ./eclipse

The main problem with this approach is that Eclipse is using an old version of Cairo which bugs with certain fonts on dual core machines. It simply crashes Eclipse.

Note that we tried running Eclipse with more recent versions of Cairo, and altough the bug was fixed, the rendering was as bas as usual.

For more information, you can refer to this GMF bug:

And this Cairo bug:

Q: My Eclipse looks crappy. A : So you're not fond of the horrible toolbar buttons, and you don't like the UI of the trees ? Just install some GTK themes, or switch to Qt or Raleigh. That really helps rendering Eclipse in a better way.

Q: In the diagram, icons are displayed with a black background and plainly look bad. A: For the time being, you will need to turn the antialiasing settings to off.

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