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STP/BPMN Component/Eclipse con 2007 STP BPMN Tutorial (Setup)

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Installing the modeler


  • JDK1.5 and more recent
  • eclipse-3.2.1 platform.

The SDK is required to be able to develop extensions to the modeler.

  • GMF-1.02 and more recent. All of its corresponding dependencies.
  • STP-BPMN feature.

For your convenience, here is a 15-Megabytes zip of GMF, its dependencies and the STP-BPMN feature.

Download it, and unzip it next to a new eclipse SDK directly. For the tutorial, do install eclipse-sdk as it is required to develop the extensions to the modeler.

At this point start eclipse. Go to the workbench and follow these instructions: STP BPMN Presentation (Part 1)

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