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STEM Source Code

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STEM Source Code

All of the files that constitute the STEM project are maintained in a “source code control” system. Anyone can obtain a copy of the files in the system, but only people designated as “committers” are allowed to add new files or make other changes to the repository.

The only files that are in the repository are those that cannot be derived from others. For instance, Java source files would be in the repository, but not Java class files.

Accessing the STEM Source Code Repository with CVS

For use when STEM is on Eclipse.OHF

All elements of the Eclipse STEM project are available for anonymous read-only access to the development CVS repository. Using anonymous access you can checkout the code and data to your local system. You can then use the system and if you wish modify it locally. However you can not use anonymous access to write it back to the repository. If you would like to fix a bug or add a feature:

  • Get the code via anonymous access
  • Do your work
  • Then pass the work on to a committer (in a patch attached to a bug report) for inclusion in the repository. Committers love to have bugs fixed for them!

To use anonymous access from a running Eclipse platform, simply go to a Repository View and add a new CVS repository location. Use the following information to connect:

Anonymous CVS Connection Information
Repository Paths /cvsroot/technology/ohf/stem
User anonymous
Password leave blank
Connection Type pserver

Expand the list from:

 HEAD -> org.eclipse.ohf -> stem
  • org.eclipse.ohf.stem.common
  • org.eclipse.ohf.stem.core
  • org.eclipse.ohf.stem. ...
  • org.eclipse.ohf.stem.utility

Select all of the stem projects and checkout the projects to your Eclipse workspace (e.g. c:/stem)

The repository is also available for browsing here.

Committer access to CVS

Developers with commit rights have individual user ids and passwords in the Eclipse project development repository. As a committer you can use SSH (Secure SHell) to connect to the CVS repository as follows. Go to a Repository View and add a new CVS repository location. When asked for the repository location enter the following:

Committer CVS Connection Information
Repository Paths /cvsroot/technology
User (your committer user id, supplied by the webmaster)
Password (your committer password)
Connection Type extssh

Once your information is authenticated, you can browse the repository and add projects to your workspace. If you do some changes that you'd like to contribute, after testing and ensuring that you have followed the contribution guidelines, you are free to release your changes to the repository. Of course, you can only release changes to projects for which you have commit rights. The current list of committers for OHF can be found here.

Note that you can use the SSH protocol and your Eclipse user id to access projects for which you are not a committer but you will not be able to release changes.

More information about CVS usage with Eclipse is available here.

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