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This pages contains the frequently asked questions of the SMILA project. Please note that in some of the questions and answers you might run across the abbreviation EILF, which refers to the former name of the SMILA project.

Launching SMILA

Why is the EILF package not in the JConsole tree?

I've started EILF.exe but the EILF package isn't in the tree of JConsole.

To solve this try the following:

  1. Create a new connection.
  2. Change your connection by setting the port "9004" on the Remote tab.
  3. Click the Connect button, switch to the MBeans tab, and check the tree again.

Building SMILA

I receive an Out of Memory error? What can I do?

While building with EILF.builder I receive the following errror message:

Build Failed - Out of Memory - Java heap space

The reason for this is that Ant hasn´t enough heap space to build the project. You will have to expand the heap space by setting the VM arguments accordingly. In eclipse try the following:

  1. Click Open external tools dialog and select your Ant build profile.
  2. Switch to the JRE tab and add the following VM arguments: -Xms40m -Xmx512m.
  3. Save and build again.

Launching crawler bundles

How do I overcome the Could not find crawler id error message?

While launching SMILA I receive the following error message:

Could not find crawler id

If you started EILF.launch to launch SMILA: The launcher didn't start your new crawler bundle. Try this:

  1. Add your bundle by selecting "Open Run dialog" in eclipse and choose your EILF profile.
  2. Select your bundle in the list and set the checkmark.
  3. Set the start level to "4" and the autostart to "true".

If you started EILF.EXE to launch SMILA: Your bundle isn`t defined in config.ini or the start level isn´t correct. Try this:

  1. Open the file config.ini and add your bundle as show below:
    org.eclipse.eilf.connectivity.framework.crawler.owncrawler@5:start, \
  2. Open the file of your bundle and include the folders schemas/, OSGI-INF/, and the file plugin.xml.

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