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SMILA/Documentation/Solr Integration

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This pipelet integrates Apache Solr's HTTP REST API ( and ) for utilizing Solr as a distributed index service. Therefore it is now possible to build large volume search applications by basing them on SMILA and deploying Solr for coping with large indices which are not manageable on one node because of their large size which exceeds the limits of the node's file system.

Note: Currently this pipelet supports Solr 1.4. The integration of features added with the release of Solr 1.5 will be done in near future.


Property Constraint Description
executionMode optional the execution mode of the pipelet, default is ADD
allowDoublets optional the instruction for Solr if doublets are allowed, default is false
commitWithin optional the commit interval for Solr in miliseconds, default is 10000
indexName optional the name of the index/core on which Solr should operate. Currently we do not support more than one index/core.
highlight optional the highlight flag, default is true
highlight.params optional all the highlighting parameter passed directly to Solr. For more details please see:


PipeletConfiguration for SolrPipelet in addpipeline.bpel

	<proc:Property name="executionMode">
	<proc:Property name="allowDoublets" type="java.lang.Boolean">
	<proc:Property name="commitWithin" type="java.lang.Integer">
	<proc:Property name="indexName">

PipeletConfiguration for SolrPipelet in searchpipeline.bpel

	<proc:Property name="shards">
		<!-- List here all other nodes that are part of the index cluster -->
	<proc:Property name="highlight" type="java.lang.Boolean">
	<proc:Property name="highlight.params">

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