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SMILA/Documentation/SMILA Versioning

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SMILA Versioning

The current SMILA version which is displayed via REST API. The version is delivered by a VersionManager service via registered VersionProvider service(s).

Getting version via REST API

After starting SMILA, the main site of the REST API will show you the SMILA version:

  version: {
    smila: "1.1.0.TODO"

The version is a compound of: <version number>.<SVN revision>

  • <version number> (e.g. "1.1.0"): comes from configuration/org.eclipse.smila.versions/
  • <SVN revision>(e.g. TODO): current SVN revision at time of build

Bundle org.eclipse.smila.versions

The JavaDoc for the bundle can be found here.


Services implementing this interface (and providing it via OSGI DS) are able to deliver their own version.


This service provides an API for dynamically registering VersionProvider services.


The VersionProvider implementation that reads the SMILA version from the configuration/org.eclipse.smila.versions/

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