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SMILA/Documentation/Mock Agent

This is deprecated for SMILA 1.0, the connectivity framework is still functional but will aimed to be replaced by scalable import based on SMILAs job management.


The Mock agent is a sample implementation of an agent used for testing. It creates new records in a configurable interval and sends add requests to the AgentController.

A record can contain the following attributes:

  • Identifier
  • MimeType
  • LastModifiedDate
  • Content

Agent configuration

The example configuration file is located at configuration/org.eclipse.smila.connectivity.framework/mockAgent.xml.

Defining Schema: org.eclipse.smila.connectivits.framework.agent.mock/schemas/MockDataSourceConnectionConfigSchema.xsd.

Agent configuration explanation

The root element of the configuration is DataSourceConnectionConfig and contains the following sub elements:

  • DataSourceID – the identification of a data source
  • SchemaID – specifies the schema for the data source
  • DataConnectionID – describes which agent or crawler should be used
    • Crawler – service ID a crawler
    • Agent – service ID of an agent
  • CompoundHandling – specify if packed data (like a ZIP container containing files) should be unpack and files within should be processed(YES or NO).
  • Attributes – list all attributes provided by the data source
    • Attribute
      • Type (required) – the data type (String, Integer or Date).
      • Name (required) – attributes name.
      • HashAttribute – specify if a hash should be created (true or false).
      • KeyAttribute – creates a key for this object, for example for record id (true or false).
      • Attachment – specify if the attribute return the data as attachment of record.
  • Process – contains parameters for the agent business logic.
    • SleepTime – the number of seconds to wait betweeen creation of records.

Mock agent configuration example

    <Attribute Type="Date" Name="LastModifiedDate" HashAttribute="true">
    <Attribute Type="String" Name="Path" KeyAttribute="true">
    <Attribute Type="String" Name="Content" Attachment="true" MimeTypeAttribute="MimeType">
    <Attribute Type="String" Name="MimeType">

Output example

A record created by the Mock agent will have the following structure:

<Record xmlns="" version="2.0">
  <Val key="_recordid">mockAgent:&lt;Path=1241449855624&gt;</Val>
  <Val key="_source">mockAgent</Val>
  <Val key="LastModifiedDate" type="datetime">2009-05-04 16:44:46.541</Val>
  <Val key="Path">1241449855624</Val>
  <Val key="MimeType">text/html</Val>

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