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SMILA/Documentation/HowTo/Howto set up dev environment

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Howto set up dev environment

dev env

how to build and test locally

  • set up an own Eclipse instance/installation for building
    • - eg. eclipse-SDK-3.3-win32
    • - copy startup.jar[1] from an older eclipse installation (< 3.3) into it's root
    • start that eclipse add sole extension location to WC /EILF.extension by
      • menue help - Software Updates - Manage configuration
      • add extension location and choose the folder EILF.extension/eclipse from smila project folder
  • EILF.builder
    this is used to build and run all tests but before local usage it must be adapted.
    • build smila in eClipse
      • select the EILF.builder bundle
      • open External Tools Dialog
      • create a new ant build configuration or choose your configuration if exists
      • choose the buildfile of this bundle, e. g. ${workspace_loc:/EILF.builder/make.xml}
      • insert the following arguments (but change this to your folder structure)
        -Dos=win32 -Dws=win32 -Darch=x86
      • Apply, close and run EILF.builder with this external tool configuration
    • variante with EILF.builder\make.bat
      the make.bat is used by bamboo so dont update it unless u know what u are doing!
      there is a template version of this with the ending .#~#~#. copy that over the make.bat or use another name to ur linking.
      • adjust all paths in \EILF.builder\make.bat according to own setup
    • - execute make.bat
  • the whole process takes about 15 minutes at the time of writing, so be patient or get some java-like beverage

run junit tests for osgi bundles

  • Plugin Junit Launch config
  • write config.ini and ref it from lauch config.
    tip: use \ to brake up long lines to have better overview
  • share the launch config

For further information see: Development Guidelines

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