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SMILA/Development Guidelines/Setup for JAXB code generation

This page describes additional setup steps you need to do if you want to use JAXB to generate classes from XML schema descriptions for SMILA. This is also needed to be able to extend SMILA XML configuration file schemas, because we mostly use JAXB to parse them.

  • Setup a build environment as described in SMILA/Development Guidelines/Howto build a SMILA-Distribution.
  • Download JAXB from, unpack it as described and copy lib/jaxb-xjc.jar to lib/xjc in the directory containing the additional libraries for building you created in the first step. Download InterfacesXJCPlugin.jar from ??where?? and add it to the lib/xjc directory, too. Your build lib directory should now look at least like this:
  • If you want to generate JAXB classes for a new crawler configuration:
    • If you do not yet have a binary distribution of SMILA: Download or build one.
    • Copy org.eclipse.smila.connectivity.framework.schema_0.5.0.jar from the plugins directory of the SMILA distribution to lib/xjc. This is necessary because crawler configurations extend a base schema and therefore need to access classes in this bundle.
  • Put your bundle next to all the SMILA source bundles.
  • Create a schemas directory in your bundle and put the XSD and JXB file there (use the same basename and xsd and jxb as suffixes).
  • Create a build.xml in the bundle directory with this content, replace $SCHEMA_NAME with the basename of the XSD/JXB files:
<project name="sub-build" default="compile-schema-and-decorate" basedir=".">
  <property name="" value="$SCHEMA_NAME" />
  <import file="../SMILA.builder/xjc/build.xml" />
  • You can optionally add a file copyright.txt to the bundle (next to build.xml) containing a copyright header for the generated files (use valid Java comment syntax).
  • Add a code/gen folder to your bundle and add it as a source folder.

To generate the classes, you can now use:

ant -Dlib.dir=<SMILA-Build-Lib-Dir>

If you have created the folder with the build libs in the same directory where the source bundles are located, you can just use:


The JAXB classes should now be generated in the code/gen directory of your bundle.

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