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This is the WIKI entry point of the SMILA project.

Project Documentation

Architecture Overview
Project Concepts
Development Guidelines
Howto set up dev environment
Howto set up test environment
Conferences and Presentations
Conferences and Presentations

Project Team

Georg Schmidt (brox IT-Solutions GmbH): architect, project lead and committer
Igor Novakovic (empolis GmbH): project lead, committer
Jürgen Schumacher (empolis GmbH): architect, committer
Daniel Stucky (empolis GmbH): architect, committer
Sebastian Voigt (brox IT-Solutions GmbH): senior developer, committer
Ralf Rausch (brox IT-Solutions GmbH): developer, committer
Ralf Schumann (brox IT-Solutions GmbH): developer, committer
Thomas Menzel (brox IT-Solutions GmbH): architect, committer

Important Links

SMILA Homepage
SMILA Newsgroup
SMILA dev mailing list
SMILA user mailing list
Eclipse Bugzilla

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