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(Project Documentation)
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| [[SMILA/Documentation|Documentation]]
| [[SMILA/Documentation|Documentation]]
| [[SMILA/Specifications|Specifications]]
| [[SMILA/Specifications|Specifications]]

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This is the WIKI entry point of the SMILA project.

Project Documentation

Architecture Overview
Documentation for 5 Minutes to Access
Project Concepts
Development Guidelines
Howto set up dev environment
Howto set up test environment
Conferences and Presentations

Project Team

Georg Schmidt (brox IT-Solutions GmbH): architect, project lead and committer
Igor Novakovic (empolis GmbH): project lead, committer
Jürgen Schumacher (empolis GmbH): architect, committer
Daniel Stucky (empolis GmbH): architect, committer
Sebastian Voigt (brox IT-Solutions GmbH): senior developer, committer
Ralf Rausch (brox IT-Solutions GmbH): developer, committer
Ralf Schumann (brox IT-Solutions GmbH): developer, committer
Thomas Menzel (brox IT-Solutions GmbH): architect, committer

Important Links

SMILA Homepage
SMILA Newsgroup
SMILA dev mailing list
SMILA user mailing list
Eclipse Bugzilla

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