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SIP Voip implementation For ECF


Session Initialization Protocol(SIP) is an Application Layer protocol which supports many services such as VoIP, IM, Presence Information and etc. But currently it's widely used for applications based on Voice calls and Video Calls.Eclipse Communication Framework is consists of many protocol implementations such as XMPP, YaHoo, MSN and etc. And also it contactins providers developed based on the above protocol implementations. Hence my goal is to implement a provider for VoIP for ECF based on SIP protocol for ECF.


  • SIP Provider for ECF
  • RTP Provider for ECF
  • SIP Related tests
  • Relevant Documentations and User Guides.


Time line for project Milestones is given below

Glass.gif Needs some research

Progress.gif Work in progress

Ok green.gif Feature added

Milestone Date Planned/Completed/Progressing  items status
M1 June 24 Implementation of the SIP Provider  Ok green.gif
M2 July 4 Completing the tests for SIP Provider and fix bugs
Ok green.gif
M3 August 8 Implementation of RTP provider using FMJ Ok green.gif
M4 August 10 Complete the tests for RTP Provider and fix bugs
Ok green.gif
M5 August 12 Integrating the SIP & RTP Providers and create a SIP softphone Ok green.gif
M6 August14 Complete the tests for integrated system and fix bugs
Ok green.gif
M7 August 17 Create the JUnit tests for Complete SIP and RTP integareted SIP softphone
Ok green.gif
M8 August 28 Implementing the ECF Call API for SIP softphone
Glass.gif Progress.gif
M9 September 1 Implementing UI for SIP softphone
Glass.gif Progress.gif
Mid September Contributing the SIP softphone to the ECF Codebase

Project Code Base

Currently the project code base is hosted at a Google code site.

The Google Code is at

The code base is managed using Sub version version control system.

Code Base Access

Command-Line Access

Use this command to anonymously check out the latest project source code:

# Non-members may check out a read-only working copy anonymously over HTTP.
svn checkout voipimplementationforecfusingsip-read-only

SVN GUI Based Access

Use the following URL to Access and checkout the Codebase anonymously using GUI based Sub version Clients such as TortoiseSVN

# Non-members may check out a read-only working copy anonymously over HTTP.

Running Test Cases

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