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SCA Java support in STP

This wiki page is used to explain the current SCA Java support in STP Service Creation project.

It's just a draft version, please give your valuable feedback to help us improving in the next milestone.


Johnson Ma (Jan 24, 2007)


We just added SCA Java support in STP service creation project. It allows user to create/debug SCA component within Eclipse by providing following functions:

  * Project wizard to help user to create sca java component
  * Fasttrack wizard to generate default.composite and java empty interface/impl class
  * SCDL Editor. which is indeed the WST XML Editor with sca.xsd loaded
  * SCA and tuscany annotations editing support.
  * launch configuration to run & debug sca java component with Eclipse.
  * Integrated with Tuscany Java2Wsdl tool - apache-tuscany-sca-0.91-incubating release

Runtime/Spec info:

  * SCA java impl v1.00
  * SCA Assemble model v1.00
  * apache-tuscany-sca-0.91-incubating release

Setup Eclipse Plugins

The STP does not have update site yet. So we need to setup the Eclipse env manually. Please download and install the following plugins:

Please set the Tuscany kit location in preference page as the image below before do any SCA related work.

Sca preferences.JPG

Creating SCA Java Component using STP Service Creation and Tuscany

Creating SCA Java component project

Project Wizard

Sca project wizard.JPG

SCA Fasttrack

From this fasttrak page, We will generate scdl file, Manifest file, empty Java class with @Service annotation for uesr to get started.

Sca fasttrack.JPG

WebService Binding

Sca ws binding.JPG

RMI Binding

Sca rmi binding.JPG

project structure

The SCA Java project has been created with following folders structure

/bin The build output jar file.
/classes compile result
/META-INF/sca holding the SCDL file for this component
/src Java Source code
/WSDL The WSDL file will be generated here by Tuscany J2W if it is WS binding

Sca project folders.JPG

SCDL Editing

The SCDL Editing is provided by customizing the standard XML Editor as following:

  • Register SCDL file as XML content type
  • Register sca.xsd to schema validator

Design View of the SCDL Editor

 Sca scdleditor designview.JPG

Source View of the SCDL Editor

 Sca scdleditor sourceview.JPG

You will got error message from schema validator for the generated scdl file. Please leave it for now, since those default.scdl comes with Tuscany1.0 M2 examples also have same problem.

SCA annotation editing

The SCA and Tuscany annotations are supported by extending the annotation editing framework in STP. In the java source editor, once you select java class, method or field, we will show the applicable annotations in the Annotation Properties View. Then you can add appreciate annotation from there. Notice: the sca annotation validation rules hasn't been setup yet. It will be provided in the next milestone

Sca annotation properties view.JPG

Generating WSDL

The Tuscany Java2wsdl tool has been integrated as an incremental builder, which is linking to java interface class with @Service annotation. For our example, the HelloWorld.wsdl will be automatically generated every time user modify the HelloWorld interface class. The current J2W option has been set according to those values defined in default.scdl file :

* service name ("-sn") = JavaInterfaceName + "Service"
* soap address ("-l") = "http://localhost:8080/service/"

Later on, We will provide preference/project properties to configure all J2W options including style, use, target namespace and output WSDL file name...etc

WSDL Editor

Directly use WST WSDL Editor here.

Generating Jar file

I created a JarBuilder to automatically package all classes, scdl and wsdl files into one single jar file, and put it under /Project/bin.

Run the SCA Java component

The java launch configuration will be created for user to run & debug the SCA component within Eclipse. In the launch config:

  • Set mainclass to "org.apache.tuscany.launcher.MainLauncherBooter".
  • Set program args to the jar file of the component.
  • Set vmargs to "-Dtuscany.installDir=kit_dir_from_perference"

I plan to add '-Doffline=true' flag in the launch configuration and preference page later.

Sca run java.JPG

Notice: You will get error when try to run the webservice binding component in this release. the RMI binding works fine

Create client project

For WebService binding component, you can use Eclipse WTP to generate the client File->New->Others..->WebService->WebService Client

Deploy to tomcat container


Todo list



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