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<font color="red">'''For complete information on STP-SCA please have a look at our [[STP/SCA|wiki page]].'''</font>
<font color="red">'''For complete information on STP-SCA please have a look at our [[SCA|wiki page]].'''</font>

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For complete information on STP-SCA please have a look at our wiki page.

On July 5 2007 , SAP and Obeo hosted an open webex demonstration of their respective SCA Composite Designer technologies. On this page you will find a number of screenshots of the tooling that was demonstrated on the webex. Discussions focussed on the technical details of each solution, and reaching of the consensus on cooperation. The individual tools are very complementary in nature - the SAP Tool works in bottom-up fashion, discovering composites that have been developed in code and producing a graphical representation; the Obeo tool works in a top-down manner, allowing the creation of composites first, and then the generation of model code. The Obeo code already takes a dependency on STP, using the annotation framework that is part of the BPMN Modeler.

SAP and Obeo have decided together to move forward with an initial contribution of the Obeo composite designer code (IPZilla entry), and then to use that contributions as the basis for a merge of the SAP-developed SCA component introspections.

The SCA Composite designer is a graphical tool for constructing SCA composites. The tool will provide both bottom-up and top-down methods for constructing standard SCA 1.0 composites.

Proposed Contributors

  • SAP
  • Obeo

Proposed Committers

  • Etienne Juliot (Obeo)
  • Stéphane Drapeau (Obeo)
  • Bogdan Vatkov (SAP)

Proposed Obeo Contribution

Create new composite file...

1 createNewComposite.jpg

Create Composite...

2 addComposite.jpg

3 addComposite2.jpg

Create Component...

4 createNewComponent.jpg

Add Service (or Reference)...

5 addService.jpg

6 addService2.jpg

Add Wire...

7 addWire.jpg

8 addWire2.jpg

Add Composite Service (or Composite Reference)...

9 addCompositeService.jpg

Add Promote...

10 addPromote.jpg

Add Implementation...

11 addImplementation.jpg

Add Interface...

12 addInterface.jpg

Add Binding(s)...

13 addBinding.jpg


Proposed SAP Contribution

Create composite ...

01 create.jpg

Pick up a name for the SCDL file ...

02 create.jpg

Newly created composite ...

03 newComposite.jpg

Introspect components from the workspace ...

04 IntrospectComponents.jpg

Select components to be created out of existing implementations ...

05 IntrospectComponents.jpg

Components created ...

06 importedComponents.jpg

Promote component service ...

07 promoteComponentService.JPG

Promoted component service and component reference ...

08 promotedComponentServiceAndReference.JPG

Navigate to the implementation ...

09 NavigateToImp.JPG

The EJB implementation ...

10 EjbImpl.JPG

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