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SCA/New And Noteworthy

Revision as of 07:05, 18 March 2009 by (Talk | contribs) (SCA Tools 2.0.0 M6 (19 March 2009))

SCA Tools 1.0.0 (Ganymede Release)

  • Compatible with Eclipse Europa (Eclipse 3.3) and Eclipse Ganymede (Eclipse 3.4)

SCA Meta Model

  • OSOA elements
  • Tuscany elements
InterfaceWSDL PortTypeBPELPartnerLink
BindingRMIAtomDWRHTTPJSON-RPCNotificationRSSEJB Session Bean

SCA Composite Designer

  • Arrange all
  • Auto size (right clic on a component or the composite)


  • Promote action (right clic on the service/reference of a component)


  • Drag'n'drop (Java interface and Java implementation)
  • Hide/show implementations/interfaces/bindings


  • Validate

SCA Samples

SCA Documentation

F1 > Select All Topics (in the bottom left corner)


SCA Tools 2.0.0 M3 (14 November 08)

SCA Meta Model

Several meta models:

  • The core SCA meta model corresponding to the OSOA specifications (can be extended)
  • A meta model for Tuscany that extends the OSOA meta model
  • A meta model for Frascati that extends the OSOA meta model
  • You can add your own meta model


SCA XML Editor

Customization of the WTP XML editor for composite files

  • Inherited features: syntax highlighting, formatting, auto-completion for element and attribute names, ...
  • Outline view that reuses the SCA icons


Also: Auto-completion for attribute values

  • Promotes attributes, wires sources and targets...


  • Takes into account composite inclusions
  • Edition of componentType files
  • Preference page to define additional bindings, implementations and interfaces


SCA Composite Designer

  • New colors (gradient), new icons

SCA2M3-Designer.jpg SCA2M3-DesignerIcons.jpg

  • Can be extended (Tuscany and Frascati artifacts supported)

SCA Tools 2.0.0 M4 (22 December 08)

SCA Tools 2.0.0 M6 (19 March 2009)

  • The meta-model was updated (Frascati 0.4, Tuscany 1.4).
  • The SCA builder now adds error markers in diagrams. It also validates all the Java parts (interafaces and implementations): check they are in the class path, that wires and promotes link compatible Java interfaces, that Java component implementations implement all the Java interfaces of the component services.


  • There have been small but convenient add-ons in the SCA Composite Designer:
    • Drag and drop java files from project and package explorers.
    • Diagram actions to add / set Java elements (interfaces or implementations) from the class path using a Java selection dialog.


  • Capability definition for SCA Tools added.


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