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(SCA Tools 2.0.0 RC1 (20 May 2009))
(SCA Tools 2.0.0 RC2 (27 May 2009))
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== SCA Tools 2.0.0 RC2 (27 May 2009) ==
== SCA Tools 2.0.0 RC2 (27 May 2009) ==
* [[STP/SCA_Component/SCA_Composite_to_Java|Composite to Java]]: generate Java code skeletons from an SCA composite.
* [[STP/SCA_Component/SCA_Composite_to_Java|Composite to Java]]: generate Java code skeletons from an SCA composite.
== SCA Tools 2.0.0 RC3 (3 June 2009) ==
== SCA Tools 2.0.0 RC4 (10 June 2009) ==

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SCA Tools 1.0.0 (Ganymede Release)

  • Compatible with Eclipse Europa (Eclipse 3.3) and Eclipse Ganymede (Eclipse 3.4)

SCA Meta Model

  • OSOA elements
  • Tuscany elements
InterfaceWSDL PortTypeBPELPartnerLink
BindingRMIAtomDWRHTTPJSON-RPCNotificationRSSEJB Session Bean

SCA Composite Designer

  • Arrange all
  • Auto size (right clic on a component or the composite)


  • Promote action (right clic on the service/reference of a component)


  • Drag'n'drop (Java interface and Java implementation)
  • Hide/show implementations/interfaces/bindings


  • Validate

SCA Samples

SCA Documentation

F1 > Select All Topics (in the bottom left corner)


SCA Tools 2.0.0 M3 (14 November 08)

SCA Meta Model

Several meta models:

  • The core SCA meta model corresponding to the OSOA specifications (can be extended)
  • A meta model for Tuscany that extends the OSOA meta model
  • A meta model for Frascati that extends the OSOA meta model
  • You can add your own meta model


SCA XML Editor

Customization of the WTP XML editor for composite files

  • Inherited features: syntax highlighting, formatting, auto-completion for element and attribute names, ...
  • Outline view that reuses the SCA icons


Also: Auto-completion for attribute values

  • Promotes attributes, wires sources and targets...


  • Takes into account composite inclusions
  • Edition of componentType files
  • Preference page to define additional bindings, implementations and interfaces


SCA Composite Designer

  • New colors (gradient), new icons

SCA2M3-Designer.jpg SCA2M3-DesignerIcons.jpg

  • Can be extended (Tuscany and Frascati artifacts supported)

SCA Tools 2.0.0 M4 (22 December 08)

SCA Tools 2.0.0 M5 (12 February 2009)

SCA Tools 2.0.0 M6 (19 March 2009)

  • The JBI binding was updated.
  • The label on a service and a reference was removed.


  • The SCA builder now adds error markers in diagrams. It also validates all the Java parts (interafaces and implementations): check they are in the class path, that wires and promotes link compatible Java interfaces, that Java component implementations implement all the Java interfaces of the component services.


  • There have been small but convenient add-ons in the SCA Composite Designer:
    • Drag and drop java files from project and package explorers.
    • Diagram actions to add / set Java elements (interfaces or implementations) from the class path using a Java selection dialog.

SCASetJava.png SCAJavaDialog.png


SCA Tools 2.0.0 M7 (6 May 2009)

  • POJO introspection
  • Run/Debug with Tuscany and FraSCAti.
  • SCA Composite shell wizard

SCA Tools 2.0.0 RC1 (20 May 2009)

SCA Tools 2.0.0 RC2 (27 May 2009)

SCA Tools 2.0.0 RC3 (3 June 2009)

SCA Tools 2.0.0 RC4 (10 June 2009)

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