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Rover Brainstorming Corner

Roadshow scenarios with the rover

If we build up the rover as a demonstrator, we need to determine the use cases. This section shall serve as a brainstorming place for ideas.

  • The demonstrator shall show the change of a requirement leading to a change of model and ultimately to a change in running code. All supported by the toolchain.
* The rover shall have a requirement like "The rover shall blink a green LED when moving." and have it changed to a requirement like "The rover shall blink a red LED when moving."
  • The demonstrator shall show model based configuration of system variants. Changes in a product configuration shall be propagated to the code & test along the toolchain.
* The rover platform shall support modes with/without encoders, with/without camera, ...
* The variability model shall contain configurations for some variants.
* The whole toolchain shall enable generation of different binaries according to system variant configuration

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